Welcome to the Funamals Blog

Welcome to the Funamals Blog
Funamals is a company that represents the whimsical artwork of Amy DeCaussin.

Monday, April 1, 2013

"Fur Crazy" Our Newest Affiliate!

Take a scenic drive through the enchanting, wooded roads to Spring Lake, Michigan along West Michigan's coastline and pop into the adorable Fur Crazy Pet Salon.  This quaint pet destination is owned by Deb Casemier, an outgoing business woman with a lovely personality that keeps her shop warm and inviting.

Fur Crazy Pet Salon is the newest member of our Affiliate Program.  Deb can help you order a Custom Pet Portrait by Funamals right in her shop.  She has a printed portfolio to help guide you in your quest to find the perfect piece of unique artwork for you or someone special.  Order your portrait through Deb and she will take care of all of the details for you.  You can pick up your painting from Fur Crazy as soon as it arrives.

I am so pleased to have Deb and her  cute grooming salon be a part of this new business venture.  She is passionate for animals, art and supporting small business.  We have a lot in common!