Welcome to the Funamals Blog

Welcome to the Funamals Blog
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Friday, June 29, 2012

La Fille Gallery

Last weekend, after attending the SCBWI illustration conference in Lansing, Michigan, I wandered around downtown seeing the sites.  I happened upon a lovely gallery that was having its grand opening.  I had to stop in and see what was going on.

Artist/Owner Tiffany Klein holds up her banner
 As it was late in the day and the event was winding down, I had a chance to meet and talk to the artist, Tiffany Klein.  My initial thoughts were how does one sustain a one-woman-show gallery in the heart of Michigan, one of the toughest markets in the United States?  What I learned very quickly was that Tiffany is very business savvy, and although young, she is armed with fifteen years of experience in the business of art.  Having traveled to places like Italy and studying some old world techniques, she is both a fine artist as well as an interior designer.  The work goes very well together.   Tiffany has made a living doing her work for clients all over the country, and recently added a local base in Michigan allowing her to finally open up her public gallery and studio space.

 The La Fille Gallery is made up of three floors, the top floor being her studio space and office.  The space is designed entirely by the artist herself.  The flooring, walls, ceiling, furniture and all the fixtures were carefully created to add to the space as a whole.  The artwork on display is her's as well.  Every surface you see is a sample of something Tiffany could design to fit your needs.  It is hard to imagine all of the work that must have been put into the makeup of the gallery alone. 

The gallery is filled with lots of spaces to look at and enjoy.  There is a whole section in the back just for artwork of which she specializes in carving multi-medium relief sculptures.  Many of her pieces are flat and hang on the wall, but also have a three dimensional element to them.  Another room set up for design consultations.  There are a variety of options to choose from to make every element unique to the client's space.  The gallery features products that are made in the United States.  I feel there are few things that make me more giddy than seeing a small business shine with success in all of its greatness.

  It is always a pleasure to meet another working professional artist.  Many have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer and are wonderful supporters.  They often know just what to say to keep you motivated and your creative spirits up.  Tiffany is no exception.  I could immediately tell that she has a kind heart, and is also very honest.  She showed me her studio space, and even her office.  I could tell that her work fed off of the ability to be open to new ideas and experiences.  I felt that we had a connection, especially since we both studied art in Italy.  (I went to John Cabot University in Rome).
Tiffany in her upper studio
on the show room floor
  Ofcourse, I am always drawn to bright colors, and the space shown above is definitely my favorite.  I have a weakness for nice wood floors too, especially in a studio space.  The carpet on display is made from another designer and then Tiffany makes the pillows and artwork to match.  She has a way of elegantly incorporating other artists into her business and supporting their work as well.  I happened to have my portfolio with me, so I showed it to her.  She loved the watercolor and plans to show my work in her space at some point.  I thought that would be lovely.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to check out the La Fille Gallery and see Tiffany's work.  I must say, strolling around a city, you never know what you are going to find!

Check it out!

La Fille Gallery
336 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933

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