Welcome to the Funamals Blog

Welcome to the Funamals Blog
Funamals is a company that represents the whimsical artwork of Amy DeCaussin.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Craft Room Clutter Project

I finally tackled my new craft room and got it organized.  I received a lot of advice from some friends on Facebook.  The advice was very motivating and turned out to be just the key to getting the job done.
The craft project I rewarded myself with after I was finished.

Tips included lighting candles, making coffee, using small boxes, watching "Hoarders" on TV and checking out inspiration on Pinterest.  I tried them all.  I did not sit and watch "Hoarders," but I had it on in the background on my computer (its really hard to sit and watch).  It put the mess in my craft room in perspective.  For a while I have been shutting the door and avoiding the room.  This mess, however was really not as big and overwhelming as it felt.  I also heard phrases like "you can't live like this" and "this is really unhealthy" while watching it.  Hearing those phrases kept me motivated.

I searched Pinterest for inspiration.  I love all the colors in this photo! Very inspiring.

...And After a few hours, the room began to come together!

An intimate corner...Finished paintings hung up, finished pillows adorn the chair.  Frequently used items on a vintage TV tray with a frequent project underneath.  A spinning carousel keeps acrylic paints in line.  Square shelving from Target keeps everything in its place.  I have a whole section devoted to wedding projects.  

Useful tools kept in sight and in reach.

Fabrics are folded and sorted by color.

A shoe caddy on the back of the door keeps supplies in their place.

I took an old cork board and covered it with fabric to give it a new look.  We have a "Temporary Workspace" in the craft room, meaning that the table is to always be kept clear unless in use.  The "No Fear" tag in the top corner of the board is a piece of inspiration that was given to me by my high school dance coach.  I keep it there because it really meant a lot to me.  Useful and often used tools are hung up within sight and easy to access on a regular basis.

It feels so good now that its organized!